Embedded GUI application on RTEMS using LittlevGL

LittlevGL is a graphics library targetted to embedded systems with limitedresources. I learnt about littlevGL (lvgl) during my search for a graphicslibrary that will be suitable for a...

In RTEMS, LVGL, Sep 27, 2019

RTEMS GSoC 2019 Final Report: Add framebuffer driver for Beaglebone Black

A great summer comes to a conclusion now! Here’s the final report of all thecoding, debugging and documentation throughout the summer.

In RTEMS, GSoC, Aug 17, 2019

RTEMS now has Framebuffer support for Beaglebone Black

The Beablebone Black (BBB) Board support Package (BSP) in RTEMS now supportsframebuffer driver through libBSD. The drivers have been successfully portedfrom FreeBSD to RTEMS and as yo...

In RTEMS, GSoC, LIBBSD, Beagle, Aug 06, 2019

Writing an RTEMS LibBSD app using framebuffer device

While porting the framebuffer drivers from FreeBSD to RTEMS, the very firstrequirement was to have something simple to test the framebuffer. And the appshould be very simple and shoul...

In RTEMS, GSoC, LIBBSD, Jul 23, 2019

Using the I2C adaptation layer to read EEPROM

The I2C adaptation layer work is complete now and it is indeed working as alayer in between the RTEMS i2c stack and the iicbus stack in FreeBSD. But it’snot enough to see that the /de...

In RTEMS, GSoC, LIBBSD, Jun 02, 2019

Connecting RTEMS I2C stack with FreeBSD driver API

This is an interesting problem that we’re going to talk about today. I’m currentlyworking on adding framebuffer support in RTEMS Beaglebone black and theapproach I have selected for d...

In RTEMS, GSoC, LIBBSD, May 18, 2019

RTEMS GSoC 2019 Project Introduction: Add Framebuffer driver for Beaglebone Black

I got selected in GSoC 2019 with RTEMS!!

In RTEMS, GSoC, May 15, 2019