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RTEMS now has Framebuffer support for Beaglebone Black

Vijay K. Banerjee (thelunatic) Vijay K. Banerjee (thelunatic) Aug 06, 2019 · 1 min read
RTEMS now has Framebuffer support for Beaglebone Black
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The Beablebone Black (BBB) Board support Package (BSP) in RTEMS now supports framebuffer driver through libBSD. The drivers have been successfully ported from FreeBSD to RTEMS and as you can see in the image, it can now print the RTEMS logo on the HDMI connected screen.

The drivers haven’t been merged to the main repo yet but it will soon be in the master repository and LibBSD will officially have the support for framebuffer in BBB. If it interests you, you can have a look at the final version of the drivers in my forked branch of RTEMS-LibBSD here.

As you can see in the image of this post, an image can be printed on the screen. This image is generated through my sample application.

To print the image on the screen. I used an svg image and converted it to “c source header” file using GIMP. The steps are quite simple. First go to image -> mode -> indexed. Then Export as .h file. This will give us a header file that we can include in our application to iteratively print each pixel. Please refer to the sample app link for the code details.

This is indeed a very exciting post to write as the three month long project finally showed some colors ;-) Thanks to Christian Mauderer for his amazing support and expert guidance throughout the project.

This post is short because Picture speaks a thousand words!!

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